Welcome to Chaga USA, a distributor of premium-grade Wild-crafted Siberian Chaga extract. Our Chaga is naturally harvested in Siberia and extracted in South Korea using the most advanced extraction process available using purified energized water.  No alcohol is used in the manufacturing process.

Our company is proud to be associated with James T. Osugi.  Mr. Osugi is a Japanese American educated in America in engineering who subsequently moved to China to study eastern medicine under the Chinese medicine masters.  One of his teachers and grand masters prophesied that he would receive a great gift in his midlife.  While in his mid-Fifties, about 20 years later, he discovered Chaga in Siberia while researching Russian folk Medicine.  He used his own funds and the funds of a well-known celebrity to research and develop the ideal formula of Wild crafted Siberian Chaga that provided maximum clinical benefits to those who received his Chaga formulation.

Our company, Chaga USA, developed a partnership with Mr. Osugi to provide his unique formula of Wild crafted Siberian Chaga to people in North America. We have exclusive distribution rights to his  highly researched formulation of premium Chaga extract in purified energized water.  Mr. Osugi was onsite to supervise the production of our current supply of Chaga Extract to make sure every step of the manufacturing process was rigidly adhered to, ensuring the highest quality standards. We are proud to be associated with Mr. Osugi who is a very unique and gifted man and we will strive to further improve the availability and your experience of Chaga Extract.  We welcome suggestions from past, present, and future Chaga extract users that  may help us to improve your experience including bottle size and packaging with this product.

Our mission is to provide individuals, distributors, and professional health providers access to Mr. Osugi’s Chaga formula and maintain the highest standards in doing so.  We want to provide access to this precious herbal supplement and make educational material available for all who seek to learn about the medicinal benefits of Mr. Osugi’s Chaga Extract.  There are currently over 400 published peer reviewed scientific  papers and several books discussing the benefits of Wildcrafted Siberian Chaga which we encourage anyone interested to obtain and read.