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Wildcrafted Siberian Chaga

After extensively conducting rescarch into the various Chaga products that are available, I now personally endorse only one, Wildcrafted Siberian Chaga (www.mychagaworld.com). In fact,
because this particular product is so pristine and nutrient dense, 1 am now on a personal crusade  exceptional formulation of wild Chaga realized right here at
to ensure the health benefits The process of determining the best formulation of wild Chaga drops took over four years of rigorous scientific research conducted
in alliance with the Women and Cancer Fund at an expenditure of about $3,000,000. In total, this research included over 2,000 participants and
resulted in the Wildcrafted Siberian Chaga
Wildcrafied Siberian Chaga is superior to other available Chaga products for several reasons First, it is extracted from only the highest level of graded Chaga
sourced from thc forests of  Siberia. This wild Chaga has been allowed to grow for 20 years in a symbiotic relationship on
birch trees in the Siberian Mountains of Russia. As previously discussed, the 20 years growth cycle is necessary to harvest the most nutrient dense raw Chaga.
Even when harvested from the wild, Chaga has various grades according to its nutritional density. Wildcrafled Siberian Chaga
is formulated from only the highest grade of Chaga. Chaga not meeting the highest standards are rejected. Importantly, the standards for Chaga quality are
measureable by equipment, such as Far infrared spectrometers and magnetic resonance analysis. Thus, the nutritional density of chemical composition of
Wildcrafted Siberian Chaga compared to other versions of Chaga is known. The figure below shows the energy encapsulate in Wildcrafted Siberian Chaga in
comparison to other chaga and nutraceuticals products. Some products are shown as a range based on various samples.