Fruits vs Herbs

The true story of the medicinal ingredients in the nectar type and herbaceous plants

Today, many people are recognizing and taking advantage of the nutritional and antioxidant value in natural supplements because they realize the need to help their bodies deal with the effects of premature aging, exposure to harmful free radicals, and the stresses of a modern day lifestyle.

Companies have been capitalizing on this trend by marketing fruit-based antioxidant beverages derived from fruits like Mangosteen, Noni, berries like Acai and Goji, as well as varieties of grapes. These companies have discovered a vast and profitable market for their products among the aging Baby Boomer Generation, and a new generation of adults with an increased interest in health maintenance through natural means.

Although these companies have had great successes with their promotional efforts, many appear to be simply capitalizing on the new awareness and interest in wellness and nutritional formulations by aggressively marketing products that in reality, may offer limited health benefits.

Asian cultures have learned over thousands of years, the secrets of anti-aging and longevity that are now being discovered and embraced by Western cultures. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the true healers are herbs, not fruits. Why have these traditional cultures preferred herbs over fruits? Consider these facts:

Science supports the fact that fruit-based juices like Mangosteen, Noni, and Acai and Goji berry drinks would have to be taken in substantial quantities to have any significant health benefit; while herbs can often provide superior benefits in small, easily consumable amounts.

While concentrated fruits may contain higher antioxidants than most foods, they often do not contain the concentration or wide spectrum of antioxidants and phytonutrient compounds as do herbs/mushrooms such as Chaga. Most of these fruit-based antioxidant beverages are simply freeze dried concentrations of fruit juices that may also be found on supermarket shelves, which also have some antioxidant benefits.

Fruits, such as the ones used in many of these beverages are normally sourced from over-farmed depleted soils, then for the purposes of creating fruit based antioxidant beverages, the fruit is freeze dried, and then made into a diluted drink with other ingredients, and then pasteurized which may actually destroy many of the nutritional values that may be advertised for the raw ingredient.

Revered herbs like Chaga provide many health benefits besidesantioxidants, and help to balance one’s life energy or ‘Chi’ and promote overall well being – which is the focus of Traditional ChineseMedicine and believed to be the cornerstone of good health.

Don’t Buy the Hype – Buy the Best for Your Family’s Health!
Research shows many companies that market fruit-based antioxidant beveragestend to over-hype the ORAC values (the most commonly-accepted measure of a particular antioxidant activity) of their product. However, these results relate not to a serving of the actual product, but rather to a specific measurement of concentrated raw ingredients and not the final diluted, often pasteurized product, that a consumer may purchase. Some other products like grape extracts are encapsulated and often not absorbed easily by the body, thereforenot producing the anticipated results.
This significant misrepresentation often confuses consumers looking for realhealth enhancement. Just drops of our Chaga extract contain numerous typesof anti-oxidant values including Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), providing the body with well rounded protection against the effects of premature aging, and exposure to harmful free radicals from the stresses of our modern day lifestyle. Chaga contains other powerful antioxidants and phytonutrient compounds like Melanin, Beta Glucans, and Betulinic Acid that place Chaga in a whole differentclass of supplement – one that gets results.
Research also shows that many consumers of these fruit-based antioxidant beverages find that they may need to consume much more than the recommended amount in an attempt to gain any real nutritional benefits. This can result in prohibitive cost issues causing many consumers to stop taking the products before they actually have a chance to experience results.

The Convenience Factor
Fruit-based antioxidant drinks require refrigeration to maintain their nutritional value and they have a short shelf life. They are often sold in large bottles that are necessary in order to supply a family’s nutritional needs. These large bottles create the inconvenience of storage and because of the quantity needed for real nutritional benefits, consuming these drinks can be too costly for many families, and therefore, families are often not able to maintain their ongoing commitment to a health regimen with these types of products.
People prefer a supplement that is convenient and easy to use.

In addition, fruit-based products often contain fairly high concentrationsof sugars and added calories, which as a supplement may not be beneficial
to the consumer. The concentrated sugars in these products can even be harmful to the millions of people who are considered borderline diabetics.In addition, even though these products may be a concentration of “healthy”
fruit juices, some people, particularly those who may have health issues and
need the most nutritional help, may have an aversion to the taste.

Our proprietary Chaga Extract on the other hand, is a potent pure extract,
with high Bio-availability (absorption by the body), that is practically tasteless and odorless, and you only need 20 drops a day in water or any beverage or food of your choice. Our superior Chaga Extract is an energized formulation that is rapidly absorbed by the body and works at the cellular level within just minutes. Put it in your coffee, tea, or juice. Add drops to your water intake throughout the day or even use it on food. Chaga needs no refrigeration and has a long shelf life.

Because of its ease of use, potency, long shelf life, and its convenience, our Superior Chaga Extract is far more appealing and effective as a daily supplement for the entire family.

A Healthy Diet
A healthy diet should be full of fruits and vegetables, which are healthiest, served in their raw form. Because of the growing interest in consuming nutritious foods, and because of the growing awareness of the concept of disease prevention, many fruit-based antioxidant drinks have experienced a significant rise in popularity. However, most of these source fruits are farmed and rushed to market, often leaving consumers to receive far less nutritional value than we might think. Many of our fruits and vegetables today are lacking antioxidants and vital phytonutrients because they are artificially and prematurely ripened – often through chemical means.

Our Wildcrafted Siberian Chaga Extract is manufactured only from “Wildcrafted” (grown in nature) sources, and provides one of the strongest phytonutrient delivery systems available, making Chaga a more practical and comprehensive daily supplement.

One of the most important nutritional values found in fruits, vegetables, herbs and other whole foods, are the combinations of phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are powerful food factors that elicit profound effects on the maintenance of health.  Scientists are learning many promising things about phytonutrients including how they support a healthy immune system.

Although fruits and berries have valuable phytonutrients, Chaga has a wide spectrum of unique, effective phytonutrient compounds – all in a virtually tasteless, odorless extract.

In today’s world, we are all being exposed to many harmful environmental factors and stresses; therefore, supplementing our bodies with potent natural protection is no longer an option, but a necessity. In order to give your body a fighting chance, protect it from the damage caused by free-radicals that are created in your body every minute of every day. Using quality supplements is the smart thing to do. It’s the best form of proactive health protection you can buy.