The Giving Tree

“A life that is lived for others is a life worth living”
                           Albert Einstein

Our Mission at Chaga is to impact lives in a positive way through health enhancement and if you so choose, financial opportunity through spreading our product and mission to the global community.  It is also part of the foundation of our vision, to realize that through the coming together of positive, forward thinking people, we can find ways to make the world a better place.

Today, the world around us suffers from many challenges – from starvation, disease, economic and social challenges, as well as from apathy and complacency.  Even if we want to contribute most don’t because we feel our efforts alone can’t really make a difference.  


The Giving Tree was founded to provide a vehicle for each of us to make a difference by bringing together the small efforts of many.  Rather than focusing on one challenge, The Giving Tree will allow the Members of Chaga and their customers to support a wide range of charitable causes. 
As our mission spreads The Giving Tree will develop further so stay tuned for more details and information!