Absorption of active oxygen from chaga

Comparison table of ORAC and antioxidant component survey results

ORAC Testing & Anti-Oxidant Comparisons

Recent studies have confirmed that chaga has superior high-level antioxidants. Numerous studies have overwhelmingly demonstrated the health benefits of antioxidants. This antioxidant component protects our body from free radicals that cause cell destruction and damage to human tissues. The formation of these free radicals is unavoidable: exposure to UV rays, for example.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends increasing antioxidant doses to promote the antioxidant capacity of plasma and tissue.

What is ORAC?

ORAC  stands for  “Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity” and is the standard method for measuring antioxidant capacity recommended by the USDA. The ORAC measurement analyzes how certain foods play a role in counteracting damage caused by free radicals in the human body. The higher the ORAC level, the better for our health and anti-aging.

This number refers to the amount of food or supplements that can absorb free radicals in our body. Active oxygen is produced in our body due to various factors that cannot be avoided, such as electricity, air pollution, and exposure to sunlight in our daily life. These free radicals roam our monsoons and destroy cellular tissues and organs. Smoking creates a huge amount of free radicals in our body. This is why smokers look old.

Researchers have also found that eating foods high in ORAC levels can help prevent premature aging and age-related memory loss. It has been reported that chaga has the highest ORAC levels of any food or vegetable. Chaga also contains Polysaccharides found in other mushrooms and Triterpenes found only in Reishi.

Comparison of ORAC Values ​​for Medicinal Foods As shown in the chart below, Chaga International’s wild Siberian Chaga has been proven to contain superior antioxidant levels compared to other premium medicinal mushrooms and widely known antioxidant juices.

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