The Fifth Kingdom

Mushrooms and Fungi

Siberian chaga, considered the fifth kingdom “Fifth Kingdom,” is neither a plant nor an animal, and is a similar species of fungi, and its DNA chromosomal makeup is still higher than that of plants. About 30% are closely related to humans.

Siberian chaga has been embraced and revered for over hundreds of years, known for its health-enhancing properties. In the test results, Siberian Chaga is the most highly rated among all mushrooms, and when evaluating its useful value with other mushrooms, it is evaluated as commanding as much as 12 times the value of other mushrooms. there is.

Classified scientifically as: About 200 Basidiomycetes mushrooms have demonstrated health enhancing values. Siberian Chaga contains more anti-oxidants and phytonutrient compounds than other Basidiomycetes than other mushrooms.

Siberian chaga is a different type of gonoderma lucidum. Reish, which is said to be a mushroom with special ingredients, is used in Japanese, and in Chinese it is called Lingzhi. There is a tendency to be mistaken for mushrooms with the same fungus as . It is a different type of mushroom anyway, and it is known that it has many types of organic nutrients (phytonutrientd), butulinic acid, the same types beta glucans and SOD components found only in Siberian chaga (Inonotus obliquus). there is.

Chaga is rich in minerals and: vitamins B1, B2, B3 components such as amino acids. In addition, ergosterol (which changes to vitamin D when exposed to ultraviolet light = Ergosterol) has a component that can be said to be a precursor of vitamin D2, has low calorie levels and high in dietary fiber (has low Caloric Value and high in dietary Fibers) there is. It also contains a large amount of melanin, a component that protects and restores DNA, which has a remarkable effect.

The synthetic components of chaga include phytonutrients that can be referred to as “cocktails” and beta-glucans (synthetic carbohydrates = complex carbohydrates). It contains immune activating compounds and polysaccharides found in algae, yeast, and oats. Beta Gluken is very important for supporting a healthy immune system and restoring balance in the body by providing a healthy immune system and nutritional supplementation.

Siberian Chaga has 29 beta components. It contains ingredients such as antimicrobials (Saponins), low cholesterol (Sterols), anti-inflammatory ingredients (Triterpenes), SOD, protein and amino acid complexes and other trace minerals. there is. Siberian Chaga contains larger array of Phytonutrients as compared with Lingzhi or Reishi mushrooms also prized in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The plain-shaped chaga in the wasteland is the most outstanding among more than 200 BASIDIOMYCETES MUSHROOMS, and has a strong ingredient necessary for health management (rare and powerful in its health supporting capacity), so it has the efficacy of a positive reaction in the human body. will be the top of the chain.

On the surface, it is not mushroom-shaped, and Chaga is a polypore a fungus with pores instead of gills, not a vagina (liquid = gills). It has the outward appearance of a black, irregular, cracked mass, grpws on tree trunks and is most often sterile.

It is remarkable that the fungus has a “Butulinic acid” component that cannot be found in other mushrooms – biochemical studies show that butulinic acid has a special component necessary for strong health promotion with virtually no side effects nor toxicity Derivative efficacy has been demonstrated by laboratory and biochemical research. With a perspective on the prospect, the scientific community for its promising applications is hosting research and spreading research worldwide.

Chaga has unparalleled amounts of immune-stimulating phytochemicals found only in varieties such as the can be ingested orally maitake and shiitake.

Of all mushrooms with medicinal value, especially Siberian chaga, they contain high amounts of triterpenoids and sterols. Reishi mushroom (Lingzhi, Reishi) contains more than 100 types of ingredients such as Ganoderenic Acid “A” and Ergosterols and Ergosterols Peroxides. In comparison, chaga and reishi mushroom are similar, but in terms of efficacy and value, chaga has many excellent ingredients such as betulinic acid and lanosterol related to triterpenes.

Reishi mushroom, which is abundant in production, has grown widely and is now easily available for purchase, but in the early days of sales, it was vigorously sold in capsules with inferior ingredients. Most of these products are known to be diluted in the process of being encapsulated for easy consumption. If you take these products, you may not be able to absorb them (this may not be optimum for absorption). In other words, many of these mushrooms are farmed resulting in less potency and effectiveness..

There are about 140,000 kinds of mushrooms, among which 38,000 kinds have fungus. According to a research study, only a few kinds of mushrooms have fungal components, and there are only 200 kinds of those kinds of mushrooms. do. Of these 200 types, only 50 of them are truly “rare edibles and have superior and edible higher basidiomycetes”, according to research results.

Mushrooms in the top 10 of 50 fungal components:

  1. Siberian Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus)
  2. Agaricus Blazei Murill (Agaricus)
  3. Ganoderma Lucidum (Lingzhi and Reishi)
  4. Grifola Fronsosa (Maitake)
  5. Lentinus Edodes (Shiitake)
  6. Coriolus Versicolor (Yunzhi)
  7. Cordyceps Sinensis
  8. Tremella Fuciformis
  9. Hericium Erinaceusis
  10. Phellinus Linteus

About 83% of the evaluation of 10 types of mushrooms are records of results from field research. It is very important to select which mushroom among them is a mushroom with beneficial ingredients for life promotion or what price is appropriate for consumption (combined value is a life enhancing smorgasbord).


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